Physics Olympiad Results

11 Jan 2022

We are thrilled to be able to share the results now received of the Physics Olympiad, which took place on Monday 15th November.  14 intrepid students took part this year, competing against over 2000 students from other schools. 

This is a fiercely difficult paper, with the average mark being just 25%, and all our students who chose to take part are to be congratulated on their determination and resilience.  They’ve achieved an absolutely outstanding set of results, making this year our most successful ever by a wide margin. 

Students with a ‘Top Gold’ will be invited to take part in the next round of the competition.  Thank you to Mrs Hodges and Mr Clegg who supported their students in achieving the following impressive results:

Name Award
James Perry Top Gold
Aaditya Deshmukh Top Gold
Maxime Pesenti Gold
Kathir Savaravanan Gold
Bharathsri Sivasritharan Gold
Caleb Lee Gold
Kiran Pearce Silver
Francois Poh Silver
Jedidiah Woodley Bronze I
Lara Tatli Bronze II
Yash Karlekar Bronze II
Leo Luo Bronze II
Pradhay Amarnath Bronze II
Ibrahim Iqbal Bronze II